Meet The Team

'The Boss'

Hi, I’m Dawn, please no paparazzi. I am the creator/owner of Chester Boutique. They call me the Duchess, as the only time I lift my finger is to raise a glass. 

Psst...I wish that was true, I do an 8 day week every week. If I could have surgery to replace my hand with my phone I would. My idea of relaxing is taking off my bra. 

The Boss' Husband

Hi, I'm Nick, the only lad at Chester Boutique so if you need anything fixing or Sarah. I have enough chat for the whole of Chester so I can answer any questions (just not my phone).

E-Commerce Manager

Hi, I’m vegetarian...I mean Rayma. My hair changes more than the Great British weather. I manage the stock between the shop and online. 

I like my wine chilled but not from Chile. If you need me I’ll be in the naughty corner. 

E-Commerce & Marketing Manager

Hi, I’m Rachel. I am the office nerd / Christmas elf. I’m the tech geek in the corner who will ask if you’ve ‘tried turning it off and on again’. 

I've been with the company nearly 7 years in total, I came back to help launch our website because I just can’t keep away.

E-Commerce Assistant

Hi, I'm Imogen but my friends call me Eugene, I’ve been working here for 5 years, and if I’m breathing then I’m hungry. 

It’s hard being the tannest person in the office but someone's got to do it. If I’m not mahogany then I’m pale.

You may have seen me in our social media videos Beth forces me to do, if I blink twice please save me.

I was tired of buying different colour shoes so I got a pair with all the colours .

E-Commerce Assistant

Hi, I'm Sarah, the dad of Chester Boutique and queen of the hardware store. 

I’m so clean and organised I make Mrs Hinch look like a scruff. I have a PHD in Chester Boutique, go ahead...ask me any product code!

My hobbies include making little mazes in the stock room so no one can leave.

I have a clean space but a dirty mind, I can and will make anything a euphemism.

Kimberley AKA Stig
HR Manager

Hi, I'm Kimberley aka Stig, if you think you’ve seen me, no you haven’t.

As head of HR I have my work cut out as I’m constantly taking notes but as yet, no one has seen anything. 

I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom and the voice of reason in this place.

As well as HR, I’m also a PT making sure everyone gets their 10,000 steps in. When I’m not making a racket I’m swinging one on the tennis court.


Shop Personality

Hi, I’m Gill, I work part time in the shop, and I'm guaranteed to have a different outfit on every 5 minutes.

I used to be a nurse so now I give out advice to all the hypochondriacs I work with.

Shop Personality

Hi, I’m Liz and have worked at Chester Boutique for two and a half years.

I love merchandising, making the shop look pretty and coming up with creative new ways to dress the window.

Shop Personality

Hi, I’m Wendy, I worked at a secondary school in Gwersyllt, Wrexham for 42 years and retired last year. I've been with Chester Boutique for nearly 12 months now and love it!

Shop Personality

Hi, I’m Emma, part time worker, part time vegetarian, and full time raver. Love a good tune. As a pilates teacher I bend over backwards to help out…literally.

I also give sports massages and my motto is no pain, no gain, no refunds. 

Shop Personality

Hi, I’m Lynn, I’ve been working in the shop for a year but shopping here a lot longer. When I was a customer I spent so much time in the shop, Dawn said I might as-well clock in, so I did.

I probably shop more than I work to be honest. That being said, I am the reigning stock room queen.

Shop Personality

Hi girlfriend, I’m Debs. I hold the record for the most purchases ever made at Chester Boutique. My wardrobe is just a replica of the shop at this point.

My baby is Nancy and my biggest struggle in life is getting her to keep a bow on her head after a hair cut. 

Shop Personality

Hi, I’m Tina, the ‘elder’ of the team (sounds way more glam than the old one or Nana T). I started working here at Christmas and I simply LOVE IT.

Brilliant team, great boss lady and such beautiful, shiny, happy customers.

When I'm not in the shop I am found intuitive life coaching, reiki healing or general magic making.

Shop Personality

Hi, I’m Heather. If we sell anything in black I'll have two! I’m up and down the stairs so much I might as well be on the stairmaster. 

I’m the newest member but an old soul. 

Shop Personality

Hi, I’m Sarah, AKA Miss Sarah as I’m a teacher on the side. All the girls in the shop look up to me (probably because I’m 6ft)I’m always up for a laugh and good a social.

Shop Personality

Hi, I'm Gail. I'm a part time worker/part time ginger. I have been banned from purchasing wine for making poor choices. 

As a chiropractor I guess that makes me the backbone of the company.

Shop Personality

Hi, I'm Elaine. I like gin, takeaways and about 3 people. Dawn Robinson is not one of them but I made the mistake of speaking to her ten years ago and now she won't leave me alone!

I do have a proper job; I'm a teacher and head of year in a rather prestigious establishment! As it became obvious that Dawn couldn't cope without me, I agreed to help out now and again.

My advice to you is never accept badly made cups of tea. Do not surround yourself with people who make them. They do not care about you.

Company Mascot

Hi, I'm Nancy. I am a lockdown baby and the youngest in the Chester Boutique team. My mummy is Debs. My job is being the face of Chester Boutique and fetching stock.